Dental Hygienist Schools

Dental hygienists are specialized in oral hygiene and are licensed professionals. The main job they perform is to help individual patients maintain good long-term oral health. They also provide educational services so patients have a good understanding of their oral health issues. These professionals also work with their patients to treat various oral diseases and to ensure that these problems don’t come back in the future.

Most of these dental hygienists in the United States work for a dentist or they may have a specialization in local anesthesia. They can perform tasks such as taking X-rays, scaling, root planning, or administering prophylaxis as well as fluoride treatments. There are many schools that you can attend to learn how to be a dental hygienist.

A Closer Look At Dental Hygienist Schools

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You need to be a graduate and have an associate’s degree, a certificate, or a bachelor’s degree that the American Dental Association or ADA has accredited. The state will issue a license where the hygienist works. This license will usually be issued after two years of work in the field and there’s an exam requirement to get this license

In these schools, courses are usually combined to what a dental hygienist does such as courses in nutrition, pharmacology, and radiography with more general course like chemistry or biology. A hygienist can obtain many different certificates.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene – This requires a high school diploma and it’s a four year program
  • Graduate Degrees – These are programs over two years. These can be obtained after the student has a bachelor’s degree. There’s are many graduate courses the student can take such as general health care management or various clinical instruction courses. All courses will help the hygienist with employment opportunities in the future.

It can be difficult in the United States to get a license to be a dental hygienist as there’s the need for at least a two-year degree along with a written and clinical examination. There’s many accredited dental hygiene programs that the student can choose from to get the education required.

The annual salary for this type of job is usually based upon experience, where they practice and the state. The mean salary per year for a hygienist is around $70,212 per year.

Why Should I Apply to Dental Hygienist Schools?

Schools today use modern equipment and technology to teach students for tomorrow. These schools work to prepare students to meets the needs of their patients for quality oral care. These schools provide the education students need to be successful in the industry with courses that conform to all the necessary standards in the field of oral health care. Students will find the education they need to become an accomplished dental hygienist by attending one of these schools.